With any personal product you should be aware of what the ingredients are and aware of the possible effects. Every person is different so, it is important to always read the label on a product and if you have any doubts on an ingredient you should consult your doctor to make sure it is safe for you. --------------------------------------------------------------

These beauty products are not meant to cure any type of health matter. If you have a health problem/allergies or anything else please consult your doctor. --------------------------------------------------------------

Always test on a small patch of skin for sign of irritation before using. If you are pregnant or nursing it is important to check with your physician about any type of essential oils/herbs or any other organic matter that could be in a product. It is always better to be on the safe side. --------------------------------------------------------------

Essential Oils and Children/Babies or Pets do not mix. Consult your doctor first. You should never put essential oils on cats without consulting a vet first; they canít metabolize them.

When applying any type of product, your hands should be completely dry and clean so, as not to introduce any type of contaminate. You should also seperate the amount of the product you plan on using and place it in a container rather than scooping out directly from the products jar. This makes sure that you are not introducing any contaminates into the product that you have bought. For instance, water (bacteria can grow in water) etcetera.

Some products may be slippery, so please be cautious. --------------------------------------------------------------

To ensure a long life to your soap bars you should place them on a soap dish so that air can circulate all around it. Keep your soap dry. --------------------------------------------------------------

Always have common sense when using bath and body products; do not put near or on the eyes, the nose, the mouth or any other sensitive areas. The product may irritate.

Concerning powders: Do not intentionally inhale or place near nose. The particles are small and can be irritating and harmful. --------------------------------------------------------------

Each product is handmade which means that no two products will be exactly the same.


Some products will contain a fragrance that has vanilla in it and may cause the soap or other product to turn a brownish color over time. And, some soaps colors because of their handmade nature may fade over time due to sunlight and other factors. This does not mean the soap is bad just fickle : ) --------------------------------------------------------------

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