So, who exactly is this Margarita Bloom?

See our About Page Above. It's got the Gossip 101 about this Margarita Dame! *wink wink*

So, what do you put in your products?

Take a peek my dolls & dudes at our Ingredients Page on our About'll find we do make all our goodies with tons of LOVE and MAGIC!! *wink*

So, tell me do you test on poor, defenseless, sweet, cuddly, animals?

Absolutely not!! We never have, nor ever will, test our products on animals. It's just not right.
We cuddle with our pets....and so should you!

So, are your products vegan?

We do use such items as beeswax (made by bees!), honey and cows & goats milk, but that's really all!

Some Safety Precautions to take when using bath/skincare goodies.

Bathrooms are slippery and that's just appropo because they are indeed wet most of the be careful! No slipping allowed. Always read the ingredient listing of a body product & if you have any doubts on any of the ingredients do not use. Test on small patch of skin prior to using. The sooner you use your product the better...FRESH=AWESOME! Always use as directed. Discontinue use if rash, redness, or itching occurs and please consult your physician if any irritation persists. Keep out of reach of children unless supervised by an adult... and remember...our goodies may smell DELICIOUS...but they're NOT edible!

How do I purchase these fabulous retro vintage bath skincare goodies...I've got to have some NOW!

Ah, I thought you'd never ask!! You can purchase our lovelies through this website or if you want you can send us an email via our Parisian Salon Contact Page above and order via email. If you have a question or special request just let us know. We love to cater to our clients...after all this is all for YOU!!

We accept who accepts major credit cards and bank transfers. USD Money only. is free to sign up for and only takes a few minutes! That's fast! Though to purchase with a CC or DC you do not need to have a Paypal account at all. :) Sales tax is applied only to orders from PA residents.

Always double check your shopping cart and make sure your order is exactly what you want too before ordering.

So, what do I do if I want to return one of your goodies?

What! Gasp! This is not a common occurance I can tell you! *pout* Ah, woe is you! Did you get a scent you didn't like.....well, unfortunately we can't accept returns on these goodies. If you're not satisified within 10 days of reciept of your order we'd be happy to provide you with a replacement or a credit to our website in the same dollar amount. You'll need to ship back the product at your expense. Shipping/Tax/Handling Charges are not refundable. We reserve the right to charge a restock fee.

So, tell me how do you ship your goodies?

We like to use USPS and UPS to ship our products. We try to get the most affordable price for our customers. We always get a delivery confirmation number for every order that goes out. Once our goodies leave our hands, we can't be held responsible for the post office. On such rare occasions, if a product gets damaged & reported within 48 hours of receipt and it's our fault we'll send you a replacement because we're nice that way. {flipping hair back}

Our online shop only ships to the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia right now, you lucky devils you!! but if you happen to be an international customer and are interested in our goodies, hey send us an email...we'll be happy to talk to you and see if we can get our goodies into your hot little hands!

Did you know your goodies are put together at the time of your order for the freshest possible product? So, delivery can take anywhere from three to ten business days depending upon the size of order, destination, location, holidays, weather, back orders etc.

So, don't tell me you're closed on the Holidays?

Our site always remains open for you dolls, dames, dudes, guys and gals of Margarita Bloom! so you may place an order any time you wish but we are closed on these holidays! Hey, don't look at me like that.....we need some pampering too!!

* January 15 - Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday
* February 19 - Washington's Birthday
* May 28 - Memorial Day
* July 4 - Independence Day
* September 3 - Labor Day
* October 8 - Columbus Day
* November 12 - Veterans Day Observed
* November 22-23 - Thanksgiving
* December 24-26 - Christmas
* December 31 - January 2 - New Year's

So you have a darling boutique and you'd like to add our ultra retrolicious line to it?

Oh, MY we're just thrilled...*blushing*, we couldn't be happier and more excited! Please do click on our "Wholesale" link above and fill out our quick form. We'll get back to you with info on how you can offer our goodies to YOUR peeps!! *wink wink* Blowing kisses to you!

What Kind of Music do you like?

Oh, well hey now, have you been to our blog? There's so many AWESOME tunes to choose from but I do SO LOVE these bands.... Goldfrapp, Neon Indian, Jennifer Lopez, Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe, The Black Keys, Natalia Kills, Adele, Little Boots, Enya, Enigma, Garbage, and soooo much more! Music is a BIG part of being a Margarita Bloom gal. We love to shake our thing! giggles...

What's your favorite color?

Hmmm, can't I just say the rainbow? I do love a gorgeous RED, but so adore HOT PINK or what about chartreuse? Violet? Turquoise Blue...oh, well dang...the RAINBOW it is! *wink*

How did you come up with your absolutely FUN & AWESOME Website and all your super kitchy fun labels & product names?

That would be the head Glam Go To Gal...the President herself or as we like to call her "The Beauty Doctor" ...she's very creative, oui?

Can I get some FREE samples?

Oh, my we'd love to have everybody try our goodies, but we just can't provide free samples to every person that asks for them...eek, sorry! We suggest you purchase some sample sizes to see if you fall head over heels in LOVE with our goodies...which we know you will! *wink* Don't see a sample size of your product?...psst, email us!

Where else can I find GLAMOROUS Margarita Bloom Products?

Check out our "Stockists" Page. You'll find that on our About Page. *wink wink* And tell them we sent you!

If we send you free chocolate, candy and pretty gifts can we have some Margarita Bloom?

Hmmm, Chocolate you say? {arching eyebrow} Candy? Pretty little blue boxed presents? Le, really I can't. really, but hey still free free to send us those goodies as a token of your LOVE for our bath goodies. We'll take them! giggles...

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