"Big Mermaid Hair" Sea Salt Hair Tonic

"Big Mermaid Hair" Sea Salt Hair Tonic


Full of Sugar Beet, Aloe, Oats, Algae & Sea Salt this lovely oceany hair tonic will add strength, shininess, even repair your pretty strands of pearl clad hair making all the other mermaids jealous and catching the eyes of that certain mer-person you’ve been obsessing over. This smells like we've captured sea spray & bottled it up just for you. Sooo invigorating and fresh and lovely. 

Mermaid, make sure to shake this hair tonic well before each use then spray your pretty glorious mane to your heart’s content. You can use on damp or dry hair and throughout the day for a burst of mermaid freshness.

ProVitamin B5 : Helps create shine, volume and helps to repair damage.

Algae Extract: Gives your hair a natural shine and helps to smooth out your hair cuticles making for less fly aways.

Beet Sugar:  Hydrates your pretty strands.

Sea Salt: Will create volume & texture. 

Size: 4 oz

Key Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sugar Beet, Algae, Oats, Aloe Vera, ProVitamin B5, Quinoa Protein.

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