"The Fairest" Damascus Rose Whipped Soap Fluff

"The Fairest" Damascus Rose Whipped Soap Fluff


Who’s the fairest in all the land? Why you, of course, you beauty! This fluffy whipped soap is intoxicating with a warm heady Damascus Rose scent! Our Whipped Soap Fluff is just what it sounds like!! A fluffy, thick, light as air soap that looks just like marshmallow fluff but no eating this fluff! It’s meant to get clean with. We drew inspiration from the fairytale “Snow White” for this little beauty treat and added layers of golden lustre and topped it with a red rose soap!

DIRECTIONS: Take a scoopful of this fun thick fluffy whipped soap fluff & lather between your hands with water to get clean! Rinse. Repeat. Use the Rose shaped soap on top to get clean too!

Size: 4-5 oz

Key Ingredients:  Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Soap Embed, Lustre, Butters,

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