Oh, Gorgeous Gardenia Body Scrub

Oh, Gorgeous Gardenia Body Scrub

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Oh, Gorgeous! You're sooo gorgeous! With this this luscious body scrub sweetly scented in gardenia you'll be irresistible to your sweetheart. *wink* This body scrub is perfect for dry skin, consists of olive oil and brown sugar, cucumber extract and green tea! It smells just like a night blooming garden of gardenias under the star lite sky. Tres romantic.

Scoop out scrub with a utensil and place in a separate bowl. Tightly close lid on scrub & store in a cool, non humid environment. Take scrub in your hand and apply gently in circles to your body. Rinse with hot/warm water. Pat Dry. You're looking pretty there Gorgeous! *wink wink* *label may differ

Size: 4 or 8 oz.

Key Ingredients: Sugar, Green Tea, Nourishing Oils & Butters.

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