About the Beauty Brand: Margarita Bloom

Margarita Bloom is a beauty & skincare brand created by that girl up there, Regina, aka the beauty princess. you can call her Gina though. She's also the girl behind the beauty & lifestyle blog Cherry Lips Blonde Curls. Margarita Bloom was created to have beautiful branding that you would want to display on your vanity, swoon worthy scents that have your friends asking you why you smell so delicious, to having nourishing natural & organic ingredients that make you look and smell as beautiful as you are. it's all about bringing some happiness to your every day life and tons of #selflove & #selfcare. It's the little things in life that make every day worth living. We want our products to make you smile and feel as special and gorgeous as you are. You may also find pretty fashions, accessories or items of the like available up on our site. We love fashion just as much as beauty & skincare potions! *wink*

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