"Marie Antoinette" Roses & More Roses Soy Candle

"Marie Antoinette" Roses & More Roses Soy Candle


We ADORE everything Marie Antoinette themed and this candle is just that! Bring on the roses and more decadent roses! Inspired from the Queen herself, this candle smells like a beautiful rose garden and is colored a pretty pink! We sprinkled on top some baby pink, gold and Marie Antoinette blue glitter as well as pink heart glitter with organic rose petals and buds! Tres magnifique!  

We use soy because it burns cleaner, lasts longer, is biodegradable, has no toxins or pollutants in it.


Size: 5-6 oz

Key Ingredients: 100% Soy Wax, Glitter, Botanicals.

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